Macrotune Support

Added “Macrotune” to the support forum. You can also share your MML tunes there, if you like. Be sure to read the topic, “How to share your MML tunes”.

Macrotune will also be available on the Mac App Store soon. 😉

Macrotune v1.1.0 Released!

What’s new…

  • Share your tunes/songs via the internet, such as forums or email, using “Copy MML” and “Paste MML”.
  • Playback and recording timer.
  • Play only a selected part of a verse. Good for listening to small edits you made to your tune/song.
  • Recording to a wave file now automatically stops at the end of a repeated tune/song. It will auto stop when all the repeat tags for each verse end at the same time.
  • Replace invalid characters with a question mark in the channel editors.
  • Updated the icon, help file and PSG Module code.

Enjoy! 😉

Macrotune v1.0.1 Released!

What’s new…

  • GUI enhancements and adjustments.
  • Full screen mode for OS X Lion or better.

You can also use the same “Programmable Sound Generator” (PSG) that Macrotune uses in your preferred programming language! Just download the “PSG dylib & dll” listed in the “PureBasic Tools” to the right.

Enjoy! 😉

Macrotune v1.0.0 Released!

Macrotune is a MML (Music Macro Language) editor. If you like creating “retro” style computer/game music, then this is the app for you.


  • Four MML editors with syntax coloring.
  • Each channel has its own start/default options. These settings can be altered throughout your tune with the Music Macro Language.
  • A time signature gadget that allows you to visually see the current beats per measure in the editors while you type.
  • A pattern editor to piece together your verses for each channel. Each verse is written on its own line in the editors.
  • Copy your MML data to the clipboard for use in PureBasic with the PSG Module.
  • Export as a Wave (*.wav) file.
  • Four demo tunes to help you understand how the app works.
  • A project info box for the author’s name, song title, copyright or even notes for yourself.
  • Includes a help file and the PSG Module code.

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