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Screen Saver Update

PoseMotion Christmas Screen Saver Update. V1.4.0

What’s new…

  • Fix the calendar bug. Months with a “y” or “g” would overlap the numerical date.
  • Altered the snow particle effect a bit.
  • The installer now verifies itself to see if it has been altered. Basic anti-virus protection.
  • Made some adjustments to the preview screen in Windows settings.
  • Updated the installer icon.
  • Created a new screen saver icon.

DirectX and OpenGL versions are in the zip file.

Download Screen Saver

Enjoy! πŸ˜‰

Apps no longer on MAS

I have chosen not to renew my Mac App Store account. So my apps are no longer available for purchase or download from there anymore. They can still be purchased from here, MacUpdate, and Direct purchase links are available on the app’s webpage.

Sorry for the inconvenience.