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Sprite Monkey v2.0.0 Released!

New features in version 2…

  • Open Image Folder – Import a folder of PNG images. Sequence images load best when numbered. If your last image has double digits (“MyImage25.png”) then the first image should have double digits (“MyImage01.png”), else the images will not load in order or load alphabetically.
  • Import Image – Add a single image to your already loaded images. This image will be put at the end of the list. So just make sure you load them all the first time.
  • Delete Image – Deletes an image. Image id’s will be automatically recalculated and put back in numerical order.
  • Drag Image – Move images around with the mouse to reposition them.
  • Rotate Image – Right click on an image to rotate it to 270 degrees.
  • Reset Columns – Set column/sheet width by selecting an image and using “command + R” keys. If you want to add another column after using “command + R”, just move the top-right image to the right a bit and use “command + R” again.
  • Snap to Grid – Snaps images to the grid to easily align the images. It snaps to every 8th pixel.
  • Clip Alpha Image – Clip 32bit PNG images by using the “-” and “=” (+) keys so you can overlap the images. This evenly clips the width (or height if rotated) of all the images, so it doesn’t interfere with the animation sequence. You can use the “command + R” keys to collapse the images to their new clip size.
  • Canvas Size – If your need more space to create your sprite sheet, just increase the canvas size.
  • Displays image name and coordinates of the selected image.
  • Multi-grid coloring set by 8, 32 and 128 pixels for easy image layout.
  • Script Editor – To easily create custom sprite coordinate scripts.

Tululoo HTML5 Game Maker on OS X!

If you want to make HTML5 games on a Mac, then look no further, Tululoo is now available for OS X! I recently got back together (via online) with SilentWorks, the creator of Tululoo Game Maker. The reason I say “back together” is we had talked about porting Tululoo to OS X a little over a year ago. At that time, it just wasn’t possible due to some cross platform coding issue. So we talked again recently and I got a hold of the new source code. After a days work and little sleep, Tululoo was finally available for OS X! So go to the website and grab your free copy! If you’re using this app for commercial/profit or simply enjoy using the app, it would be appreciated if you left a donation through the Tululoo website. Enjoy!

Sprite Monkey v1.3 Released!

  • Added 1-bit, 24-bit and Alpha export options!
  • 24-bit export has the option to remove the alpha channel before adding a background color, if imported images have an alpha channel.
  • Alpha export takes the alpha channel from imported images that have an alpha channel. It is saved as a 8-bit sprite sheet/strip. This can be used for special effects if your game editor or code support it. Such as shadows, masking, ect…
  • Updated the help file.

Cafio v1.0 Released!

Cafio converts your audio files into the Core Audio Format (*.caf). This format is great for both OS X and iOS applications or games.

The user interface was made to make this process as simple as possible by using drag and drop. Just drag, with your mouse, the audio file you want to convert and drop it into window. The drag and drop interface spins until the conversion is complete.