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Sprite Monkey v2.7.0 Released!

New features…

β€’ When closing Sprite Monkey you’ll get an alert if you have not saved your work.
β€’ No need to type the extension anymore when saving/exporting.
β€’ New pop-up confirmations when saving your project or script.
β€’ Sprite Monkey is no longer a universal app. It only supports 64bit now.
β€’ Updated the help file.

Sprite Monkey v2.6.0 Released!

New features…

β€’ Now you can save your work to a Sprite Monkey Project file. All your images and current progress are saved into a compressed β€œ*.smpf” file. So there’s no need to worry if your images have been moved or lost when you go to work on your sprite sheet again! This also makes it easy to share your work with a team member, friend or back it up for later use!
β€’ Drag and drop a folder of images, an image or even a Sprite Monkey Project file!
β€’ Import more image formats: JPEG, BMP, TGA and TIFF.
β€’ Change keyboard shortcuts due to adding more for saving and opening a Sprite Monkey Project.
β€’ Updated the help file.

Sprite Monkey v2.5.0 Released!

New features…

β€’ Multi-Select/Drag – Now you can select multiple images and drag them.Β 
β€’ Optionally keep the export window open if you need to export to multiple devices.Β 
β€’ Updated the help file.