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    To share your MML data on the forum, use the “CODE” tag button to enclose your MML data.

    ;[ Demo 2 | Copyright © 2015 | Wilbert Brants ];
    CH1Verse_1.s = "t13 w1 o2 \16 v44 l8 v+cv-ceeg4 v+fv-faa>cc< v+cv-ceeg4 v+fv-faa>cc< ggbb>d4< \8 g4c2 :"
    CH2Verse_1.s = "t13 w4 o3 \2 v40 l4 gec f2a8c8 gec f2a8c8 gbd ec2 :"
    CH3Verse_1.s = "t13 w0 o5 \2 v44 l8 cegceg l4 caf l8 cegceg l4 caf l8 gbdgbd l4 cgg :"

    This makes it easy to copy and paste MML data for use with Macrotune.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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