Sprite Monkey v2.4.0 Released!

Sprite Monkey now supports retina displays!

• Retina Mode – Edit your @2X sprite sheets at normal size. Looks best on a retina display, of course.
• Changed “Retina” to “Retina Mode” in the preferences window. If “Retina Mode” is enabled while editing, then the “Retina” option will be auto-enabled in the export window.
• Optimized the “Auto Scaling Canvas”.
• Full screen support added for OS X 10.6.
• Shortcut keys added for “Delete Image” and “Delete Script”.
• Minor GUI enhancements.
• Updated the help file.

Cafio v1.1.0 Released!

New features…

• Batch Conversion – Drag and drop a folder of audio files.
• Cancel Batch Conversion
• Memory Settings – Previously used settings are automatically set when you open Cafio.
• Universal 32 & 64-bit App
• Supports Retina Displays
• Updated the help file.

Joi v1.1.1 Released!

Adds the following…

• A pop-up alert if you try to create a name for a game setting that already exist.
• If you select a blank field in the key selection, it assigns the grave accent key, as it is not normally used in games.
• A one time pop-up alert about “App Nap” if you are using OS X 10.9 or better.

Sprite Monkey v2.3.0 Released!

New features…

• Auto Scaling Canvas – The canvas is now reduced to the width and height of the image layout and auto scales if needed when moving images around.
• Canvas Zoom – The canvas can now be zoomed up to 4x its normal resolution. This can come in handy for pixel artist who may create small retro style graphics.
• Quick Sprite Strip – When images are initially loaded, they are laid out in a sprite sheet format. Now you can quickly change them to a sprite strip by using the “command + T” keys.
• Universal 32 & 64-bit App
• Updated the help file.

Sprite Monkey v2.2.1 Released!

When Sprite Monkey is in fullscreen mode on OS X 10.7 or better, the script editor and help file can now be properly restored after being minimized by clicking on the “Script Editor” button or using the “F1″ key (fn + F1 on a compact keyboard).